Almost done

It is unbelievable that my time in 11th grade is almost done. And that mean I’m gonna be in 12th grade next 2 months. Oh, how time passed faster than i thought. I keep thinking i still in 10th grade and we were about to start the class.

Things change. Including my friends, my inner beauty and my point of view. I realize I’m getting near to my seventeenth birthday and I think that I’m quite mature than before. Maybe the experience taught me everything.

And of course, my life isn’t simple as it before. The more i learn, the more God gave me test so I could be a better person. Honestly, every day I get headache because it’s frustrating me. But I enhance the way i read books. Well, right now I read a lot of books because it is fun. Ha, ha, ha

I think that’s all for today, there’s a lot of thing i have to do. Ciao!

I love you for a thousand years

I did it. I came to her party. But then I realized. Letting go it isn’t so easy. Especially when you still care for her. And when you feel nervous, and scared, and about to cry.  It’s what you feel when she was near. Yes, I feel care for her. It makes harder to let go.

This is it…

I woke up this morning had this terrible feeling. Weird feeling in my stomach that’s when I’m nervous. My stomach ache all the time and I’m scared. This is not because some several tests I’ll do next week, but about the party.

Me and my ex-best friend had this fight and sort of not becoming best friend anymore. She chose not to be. It wasn’t my decision, though, but it’s fine. I’m moved on and forget everything about it and give her this cold attitude. She does to.

And today she has birthday party, 17th birthday party. First, I decided to bail. I don’t want to go. It’s hurt me to remember all the things she said (text actually). But I told to my other best friend and he thought this should be good attitude to move on. And I think that too. I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

Yes, I changed my mind. I’ll go. No matter what she said, she used to be my best friend, and she was really nice to me too. All the things she’d done that I can’t forget. I wish today will be amazing. 

One thing I know, I’m not perfect. And I made mistake. She want the changes, and I’ll give her one. But what she doesn’t know about me is that I’m not a really good person at talking. If I could avoid it, I will. She asked me to talk first and act first like she did. Honestly, I’m not really good at that. She doesn’t get me. Like I said, this is it. The last thing I did for her that because I cared for her. The very last.


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